Fund Raising History  

The 'Friends' was established in 1994 and registered as a charity with the aim of raising funds to preserve and maintain the fabric of the church. Whilst everyday expenditures are covered by the regular giving of churchgoers and others, there have and will be projects that require a much larger outlay and this is where the 'Friends' have been able to help.

Since it was founded the Friends have raised over £100,000, some 39% of this amount came from Subscriptions, Donations and relevant Tax Refunds, and 48% from various events organised during that period. The remainder came from interest earned and sundries. A full list of the projects that the Friends have sponsored is contained on the restoration page of this website.

Fund raising can be hard work but it should also be fun. This thought has been borne in mind when devising the events, trips and quizzes that have generated the money needed for the various projects. If people enjoy themselves at a 'Friends' event they will probably come to another in the future.

The committee's planned programme for 2018 is underway and another successful year of fund raising events is hoped for.